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Adam & Tina's Puppy Love Doggie Daycare in North Liberty, Iowa is the ultimate adventure park paradise for dogs. We're a family owned home business with a mission to provide our canine clients with premium daycare services at prices that will get all the tails wagging!

Puppy Love Pups have free access to go between our climate controlled indoor lounges and the great outdoors, where they can safely explore nature in our spacious real-grass play yards. We offer the most natural daycare experience available, where your dog can bask in the shade of mature trees, breathe fresh country air, and enjoy majestic views of rolling hills and forests. A tired dog is a happy dog.
Puppy Love is all about socialization and exercise! Here, your pup can mingle in size-specific dog packs, grow friendships with their playmates, and get their day's worth of exercise. We offer fun play structures that encourage jumping and climbing, plus roomy grass expanses that encourage running and chase games. Along with having lots of fun, we also provide your dog with a safe experience... and you with ease of mind. Our facility features double gated entryways, underground anti-dig fencing, and aviary netting. Puppy Love is the only doggie daycare in the area to offer overhead predator protection. Our aviary netting provides safety for puppies and small dogs from hawks, eagles, owls, and other hungry raptors. Our fully enclosed play yards are designed to keep dogs safely inside, while keeping out wildlife threats such as birds of prey that could harm small dogs. And when the weather gets cold, our indoor doggie lounge is the coziest place in town! That's because we're the only daycare in the area to offer heated flooring, so even on the coldest days your dog will always have a warm place to cozy up to. This is great news for dogs with short coats, elderly dogs, or dogs with arthritis.

Just a 2 minute drive North from the heart of North Liberty, our 7 acre property can be located across the street from South Slope's big pond. We are the white and blue farmhouse next to Cedar Springs.

Nestled between the freedom of the country and the convenience of town, Puppy Love provides dogs with a scenic country daycare retreat...right on North Liberty's doorstep!

Join in the fun today by signing up and filling out a daycare application!

6:30 AM - 11:00 AM
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM closed
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Doggie Daycare

Your dog enjoys full access to our indoor and outdoor play facility where they can socialize with other dogs, exercise, and play to their heart's content while under the constant supervision of our exceptional staff.


All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations for Rabies, Parvo, Bordetella and Distemper before coming to Puppy Love. Bordetella and Lyme vaccinations are recommended but not required for entry.

Dogs must be de­wormed and on a flea/tick preventative, and those over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered. The minimum age to attend daycare is 8 weeks old.

Please Sign Up and create a profile using our online software. Your dog must have a Temperament Interview ($35) to assess temperament and compatibility before entering our daycare program. You can upload copies of your vaccination records on your dog's profile, or bring copies for your dog's interview, or have your veterinarian fax them to us (our fax number is 1 (319) 343-1104). All dogs must be friendly to both humans and other dogs in order to attend. We do not discriminate based on breed. Dogs will be classed according to size and energy level, with puppies, small dogs (under 30 pounds), and frail elderly dogs being separated from large energetic ones.

Please do not bring your dog to daycare if they have a communicable disease, upset stomach, recently had surgery, or are recovering from a recent injury. When in doubt, ask your veterinarian if daycare attendance is recommended for your dog.

Safety Collars:

To prevent collar related injuries, regular collars will be removed by Puppy Love staff and each daycare dog will be fitted with a velcro rip-away safety collar. They are custom made by Puppy Love and stored at daycare. If you want to order a safety collar for use at home, they are also available for purchase.

Safety Collars are stink-proof, weather-proof, and durable. They feature your dog’s ID and Vaccination information, and are machine washable.


Your dog spends the day in daycare, then we will drive them home for bed time at night and bring them back to daycare in the morning. Home boarding is cheaper and less stressful to your dog than traditional overnight boarding kennels, with the added benefit of fun and socialization during the day. Overnight home potty breaks also available!

*Due to popularity, home boarding will only be available on a limited basis


Specialty Shuttle Ride - We get your dog from your home and bring them to daycare, or take them home from daycare - $15 per ride


Get digital pictures of your dog playing sent to you by email or straight to your cell phone. $1 per photo


Nail Trims:


We'll humanely trim your dog's nails, without harming the sensitive nerve.

Paw Rinse:


Bath & Towel Dry:


Before your dog leaves daycare, we can tidy them up by washing away dirt and grime, so they're as clean as when they arrived!



Our Organic Coconut Oil toothbrushing services neutralize bad breath, kill bacteria in the mouth, and reduce tartar the natural way. Using this superfood as a toothpaste gives your dog a silkier coat, aided digestion, better nutrient absorption, plus other important health benefits

*Not a veterinary treatment

Handmade Wool Dog Toys:

Have an eco­friendly toy custom made for your dog! Choose any size, shape, color, or pattern you desire. Can be made with locally sourced undyed organic wool. Prices vary, see in­store display for examples!

  • Large real-grass play yards with scenic views of country hills
  • Heated floors and climate controlled indoor Lullaby Lounges prevent winter-time shivers
  • Comfortable and fashionable bedding for dogs who like to cuddle in style
  • Filtered air indoors to reduce environmental allergens
  • Size-specific play groups ensure that puppies and small dogs have appropriate sized playmates
  • Overhead aviary netting keeps small dogs protected from predatory birds
  • Underground fencing inhibits digging
  • Staff trained and certified in Dog CPR and First Aid
  • Emergency shuttle transportation available
  • Multiple doggie play structures, plus natural features like climbing rocks, trees, and bushes
  • Potty training encouragement and manners maintenance from staff to inspire polite behavior

Puppy Love video tour ... from a dog's perspective!

Adam & Tina's Puppy Love Doggie Daycare
2391 Mehaffey Bridge Rd. NE
North Liberty, IA 52317


(319) 535-3861