Puppy Love Doggie Daycare

Adam & Tina’s Puppy Love Doggie Daycare in North Liberty, Iowa is the area’s ONLY cage-free dog daycare and overnight boarding experience that offers 24 hour direct supervision, with unmatched personalized care and innovative amenities. 

We’re a family owned and operated business, living on-site, so we can respond to your dog’s needs around the clock. Our mission is to provide our canine clients with premium care services at competitive prices! 

Nestled between the freedom of the country and the convenience of town, Puppy Love provides dogs with a scenic country retreat…right on North Liberty’s doorstep! Our 7 acre historic ranch is located just across the street from South Slope’s Northern pond, and to the East of the Cedar Springs neighborhood. 


In order to participate in our services your dog must meet all of the following criteria:

Health Requirements:

  • At least 8 weeks old
  • Spayed or neutered if 6 months or older (it’s Iowa Law)
  • Adult dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, Parvovirus, and Distemper (DHLPP)  
  • Strongly recommended but optional vaccines for Lyme Disease and Bordetella  
  • Puppies must be up to date on age appropriate puppy vaccinations, as scheduled by your veterinarian
  • De-wormed and free of parasites
  • Up to date on flea and tick preventative
  • Healthy enough to socialize comfortably 
  • Free of communicable diseases
Social Requirements: 
  • Able to be safely handled by Puppy Love staff members
  • Not aggressive to people or other dogs
  • Completed a doggie profile and social history on our website
  • Has scheduled and passed our temperament interview process

Doggie daycare is a place for your dog to hang out and have fun while you’re away! Puppy Love offers size-specific play groups, with separate facilities for small dogs and large dogs. Each dog group has their own separate indoor and outdoor space, with play structures, enamel-safe toys, and safety features designed for their size. Dogs spend the day playing, cuddling, and socializing in groups of up to 15 dogs, under direct supervision from staff who are trained in dog behavior. Adam and Tina are the primary dog caretakers, who live on-site. A rest period for dogs is given mid-day, and dogs who eat lunch are fed individually in a separate room.

Our overnight boarding experience is cage-free, supervised, and with a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. While most places only offer care during business hours, Puppy Love is staffed to care for your dog’s needs 24/7. And your dog will benefit from the comfort of having people and friends to snuggle with, so it’s a great option for dogs who experience separation anxiety with traditional boarding services. 

To attend a slumber party, dogs must arrive in the morning prior to 10:00am

Arriving in the morning gives the dogs enough time to get used to the place, make friends, and exercise so they’re nice and tired by bedtime. This ensures that everyone gets a nice, quiet night of sleep. 

To calculate how many credits you would need for a slumber party boarding stay, you would use 1 credit for each day of daycare and 2 credits for every overnight slumber party. You can purchase discount packages of credits to save money on each credit by visiting our online store once your dog has completed enrollment. 

Be sure to remind staff of which Spaw Services you’d like done at drop-off and let staff know the earliest time you may arrive to pick-up your dog. That way we can have them ready to go home by that time. 

Spaw Services Include:
  • Nail Trim – Nail trims can keep your dog’s nails smooth and short, and prevent health risks associated with long nails. We strive to offer comfortable nail trims, going at a pace that is comfortable for the dog. We avoid trimming to the point of sensitivity, and avoid harming the nail’s quick. You can add a nail trim to your daycare or boarding reservation by selecting it as an additional service. 
  • Bath & Towel Dry – If you’d like your dog to come home smelling fresh and clean, you can add a bath to your reservation.  

For current Spaw Service prices and discount packages, see the price list graphic section of the website


  • Country Charm! Real grass yards offer the most comfortable play surface of all. It’s extra soft on your dog’s joints while they’re running and playing, gentle on paws, and the live grass is a feast for your doggie’s senses. Dogs experience the world primarily through scent, so grass is by far every dog’s favorite surface to play in and explore. And on hot summer days, grass is the coolest surface to walk on, as it doesn’t heat up from the sun. Not only are our yards comfortable, they’re also beautiful and entertaining. Our doggie guests love to look out on the horizon and see the hills and forests, with the occasional deer or wild critter off in the distance. The nature scenes and fresh air are also great for relaxing dogs with separation anxiety by helping them reconnect with nature, and by keeping their mind occupied with the many sights, smells, and sounds of the natural world. 
  • Outdoor Rubber Playgrounds! Close to the daycare building we have soft rubber playgrounds with underground drainage, which are perfect for rainy-day play to keep your dog clean and out of the mud. The rubber offers excellent grip for dogs as they play, while still being soft on the paws and joints. In the summer, we keep shade canopies overhead to keep the rubber cool, as well as a misting system that cools the air and wets the rubber to keep temperatures down. 
  • Wintertime HEATED FLOORS!  Since dogs are constantly on the floors, this amenity is absolutely crucial for making sure your dog has the most comfortable stay possible in the colder months. We have different temperature zones in each dog room that allow cooler areas for arctic breeds who love the cold, and warm areas for dogs who love to warm up on a cold day. Instead of shivering, your dog can feel cozy and have fun! 
  • Sparkly Sealed GLITTER FLOORS! You and your dog will feel extra fancy walking on our new facility’s unique floors that are wall-to-wall sealed glitter. Your dog is a big deal… so why not spoil them with the best, right? 
  • Custom Doggie Play Structures! Our canine guests enjoy a variety of colorful, size-appropriate play structures and play features which are located throughout the playgrounds. Many of them are custom-designed and built by Adam & Tina from Puppy Love. Efforts are made to repurpose and recycle existing materials, which are skillfully fashioned into unique play structures that are both eco-friendly and exciting to play on. 
  • Doggie Doors! Each daycare room is fitted with a doggie door system that allows dogs to go inside or outside without having to wait for a person to open a door. Not only does it allow the dogs to have more freedom, but it also can prevent them from getting too hot or too cold outdoors, since they’re able to come in and enjoy the air conditioning or heating. 
  • Natural Landscape Features! Our grass playgrounds have natural obstacles such as large climbable rocks, mature trees, and bushes that help make chase games extra fun! Dogs also love the added shade they get from the trees and bushes, which offer refreshing shade on hot summer days. 
  • Summertime Outdoor Cooling Features! To keep the dogs comfortable outdoors in the summer, our facility uses overhead canopies and awnings to create shade, cool water misting systems to bring down the air temperature, and doggie pools so dogs can cool themselves down. 
  • Climate Control + HVAC! Safety and comfort are our top priority, which is why our new facility offers excellent indoor fresh air exchange, as well as air conditioning and heating to keep the indoor spaces comfortable. 
To learn about Puppy Love’s facility security features, see the Unmatched Safety section

Consistent Caretakers! We believe your dog deserves care that is both competent and consistent. At Puppy Love, your dog will be under the direct care of a full-time team of proven pet care professionals with a lifetime of experience, and an unmatched safety record. Your dog will enjoy the benefits of knowing and trusting their caretaker, having consistent safety rules upheld daily, and being supervised by someone who is well-versed in dog behavior. 

Consistent Care! While most dog care facilities are either closed or operating at significantly reduced hours on weekends and holidays, Puppy Love maintains the same schedule for dogs all year long! While our lobby is closed to humans mid-day and after hours, we are here around the clock with the dogs. Dogs will never be left alone due to it being a weekend or holiday because the staff live on-site. Dogs love consistency, so we go above and beyond to make sure your dog’s schedule can continue as usual.

Medications on Time! If your dog takes medications at times that are outside of regular business hours, most kennels may not be able to give them at accurate times. However, since Puppy Love is staffed 24 hours, we are able to give medications at any time they are needed. We’ll also be able to monitor your dog’s behavior around the clock to be sure they’re responding well to their medicine. 

Online Booking & Web Store! Once your dog has passed their temperament interview, you’ll be able to book daycare or boarding reservations online any time of day, right here on our website. You’ll receive an email back letting you know if your reservation is confirmed or wait-listed, based on if there is available space.

Extra Care Options! Puppy Love offers additional services including Phodography, Careful Nail Trims, and Bath & Towel Dry Services. Simply add any desired service onto your daycare reservation by booking it online, and let staff know upon drop-off what time you expect to return. Then Puppy Love will have your dog’s additional services completed by the time your dog is ready to go home!

  • No Gravel Yards! We know that gravel yards can cause fatal intestinal blockages or hefty bills for emergency veterinary surgery. That’s why we keep our yards free of exposed gravel. All rocks within dog reach must be too large to be consumed, such as climbing boulders and trench boulders. Galvanized metal mesh keeps dogs away from in-ground drainage gravel that is underneath the rubber yards. 
  • Overhead Aviary Netting! Our outdoor playgrounds have aviary netting installed overhead, which serves several safety purposes. Since small dogs and puppies are vulnerable to birds of prey who would like to make a meal of them, the aviary netting protects the small dogs from hungry owls, hawks, and eagles. It can also prevent other wildlife from climbing into the yards. And just like it keeps animals out, it also serves to keep dogs safely contained inside by acting as a visual deterrent to prevent jumping/climbing of fences. And it is a physical barrier that can block attempts to jump or climb over fences. The netting also can catch falling debris from storms, such as small or even large tree branches. Thanks to the aviary netting, Puppy Love’s yards sustained no damage from August 2020’s infamous Derecho storm! 
  • Safe Collar-Free Play! Many people, as well as other daycares, are unaware that regular collars pose a severe safety hazard when dogs are playing. Collars, harnesses, or other gear can end up trapping their friend’s lower jaw. This can result in the dog getting strangled when their own collar is twisted, and the dog whose jaw is entangled can end up getting a dislocated jaw. For this reason, we remove all collars, bandanas, and other potential strangulation risks while dogs are in our care. Even “break away” collars typically do not function correctly when under the pressure caused by strangulation, as the buckle will jam up and not release. However, Puppy Love has developed a new form of play collar called Miracollar, which will unlatch itself when twisted, and can be unhooked from various places without any special tools. We have used these in the past for ID purposes, and will reintroduce them once we are able to manufacture more of them. In the meantime, the Puppy Love dogs play “naked!” to eliminate risks of entanglement. 
  • Enamel-Safe Toys! We only use toys in daycare that are safe for your dog’s tooth enamel. Some other daycares use tennis balls as toys, which can wear away at your dog’s teeth, like sandpaper. Plus, the chemicals in tennis balls are not safe for dogs to consume. For safer play, we only use toys that are meant to be safe for dogs to chew, and that are made for power-chewers.
  • Underground Buried Anti-Dig Fencing! All perimeter dog yard fences at Puppy Love are reinforced with buried fencing that attaches to the bottom section of the fences and extends underground to deter and prevent digging. 
  • Reinforced Fencing! All fences are reinforced with galvanized wire to keep fence components firmly in place and increase the strength of the structure. Special care is taken with the small dog areas to ensure there are no spaces where micro-dogs can slip through. 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Video & Audio Surveillance! Live video of the facility can be viewed by our human guests in the lobby, so you can see the dog areas both indoors and outdoors. The live feed is kept off-line and private for added security, so your dog’s whereabouts will not be broadcasted. 
  • Sallyport Entrances! All doors and gates leading outside of the dog areas are equipped with Sallyports (aka Double-Gated Entries). This safety feature prevents dogs from escaping through doors or gates as they are being opened. Staff are trained on how to use them, so only one door or gate is ever opened at a time.
  • Security Window Film! All glass windows in Puppy Love are treated with window security film. This film adheres to the glass so that in the event that a window becomes damaged by storms or other mishaps, the glass will not fall into the dog areas. Instead, it will be safely contained within the window film.
  • Emergency Preparedness! Since Iowa is in “Tornado Alley”, Puppy Love has made sure there are underground shelter options to keep dogs safe during tornadoes. Small dogs and large dogs have separate underground spaces where we can take them in the event of an oncoming tornado. Puppy Love’s facility is on elevated ground, which is not in a flood zone. Unlike some other local daycares and boarding facilities, Puppy Love will never have to evacuate due to cyclic regional flooding. Staff are trained on fire evacuation techniques specific to the facility, and each dog room is equipped with emergency evacuation leashes to use in the event of a fire. This allows us to leash up all the dogs and move them to safety quickly. Hoses and fire extinguishers are able to reach all parts of the facility, so small fires can be extinguished before they grow. And since we are staffed 24/7, staff is able to provide emergency evacuation assistance to the dogs regardless if it’s 2 PM or 2 AM. 
  • Pet First Aid & CPR! Both Adam & Tina are Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR by Pet Health Academy. First Aid kits are available for use in the daycare, and they’re fully stocked to handle a wide variety of ailments. 
  • 24-Hour Emergency Veterinary Transportation! Regardless of the time of day or night, dogs experiencing health emergencies can be transported to an available emergency veterinary service. Since many ailments are time sensitive, 24 hour staffing is a crucial component of having the safest care possible for your dog. 
  • Supervised Cage-Free Services! Dogs, by nature, are pack animals that feel the most comfortable when they’re together. And they are the safest when they are supervised by competent humans who understand their unique needs. By being cage-free, dogs can relax and get a quiet night of sleep while snuggled together under direct supervision from a trusted human. And since we have staff members present at all hours, there are always people around to keep things clean, comfortable, and safe. We never compromise our level of care, regardless if it’s a weekend or holiday. If your dog needs a potty break at 3:00am on Christmas Eve, we can do that! Does Fido need his pill at 9:30pm on Sunday night? Consider it done. Sudden, spontaneous new medical issue late at night? We can get your dog to the closest emergency vet for lifesaving care. We think your dog is worth sticking around for. That’s why we choose to continue to offer the best care possible!
  • Quiet Daycare Model! In order to preserve your dog’s ability to hear well, promote good doggie manners, and to be kind to our neighbors, Puppy Love follows a Quiet Daycare Model. Of course, some dog vocalizations are healthy and permitted. But for excessive, loud barking habits, we work with dogs to learn to play quietly. We get dogs out of the mental cycle of barking by asking them to sit, by redirecting them, or relocating them away from the stimulus that caused them to bark. Preventing loud, excessive noise gives dogs a calmer and more enjoyable daycare experience. It also prevents dogs from developing permanent hearing damage, or bringing home bad habits. 
  • Structured Rest! Dog groups have structured rest periods throughout the day as needed to prevent over-stimulation. Since adult dogs require about 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day, we give them opportunities for naps and refreshment so they can rejuvenate and stay healthy. 
  • Comfortable Bedding! Puppy Love provides several washable bedding options for dogs to get comfortable while in daycare, or while spending the night. We offer items such as raised dog beds, thick blankets, fuzzy body pillows, honeycomb silicone pillows, air beds, and our floors are heated in the winters so there is always a cozy place to snuggle! 
  • Reverse Osmosis Water! Since many dogs are picky about water quality and we want them to stay hydrated, Puppy Love has a Reverse Osmosis water system to provide fresh human-grade drinking water to our doggie guests. 

We are here for you!


How it Works:

  • First, review our Enrollment Requirements and be sure your dog is a good fit for daycare.
  • Sign up on our website and make a profile for your dog. If you have more than one dog, make a profile for each dog. 
  • Upload their required vaccination and health paperwork, making sure they’re up to date. Be sure the paperwork states the date when each vaccination expires. 
  • Next, Puppy Love will email you to let you know if your dog meets the requirements. Check your “Promotional” or “Spam” folder just in case the message was filtered out. When approved, we can schedule a time for their Temperament Interview. 
  • If you’d like to expedite enrollment, please text message us at 319-535-3861 
Once we have your dog’s social history and vaccinations, the next step will be setting up a time to assess how your dog behaves while apart from you. 
  • Temperament Interviews are done by appointment only; time slots can be reserved for 6:45pm or 7:15pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays
  • Bring your dog to Puppy Love for their appointment time. You’re welcome to ask any questions you may have, then staff will bring your dog to the introduction room. 
  • You’ll remain in the lobby and be able to see your dog on the tv monitor in the lobby, which has live video from the introduction room. This way you can still see what’s going on, but your dog will not be influenced by your presence. This gives us an idea of their solo temperament. 
  • Once your dog is comfortable with the room, then we will introduce a new dog friend for your dog to meet. 
  • If your dog tolerates the first friend, staff will add an additional friend, etc.. 
  • If your dog has tolerated the friends and is showing us body language that is communicating successful socialization and acclamation, then your dog will be approved for services. 
  • Note that it’s normal for some dogs to behave differently than expected. That is because they will be entering a building that has lots of new dogs, new people, and your dog is not yet familiar with the environment, so there are plenty of unknowns. We are understanding of this and will move at your dog’s pace so they can have a positive first experience.
  • Upon passing the Temperament Interview, your online account will be activated so that you can now begin booking any reservations and services you would like. Be sure to read more about the reservation procedures so you’ll know how the process works!
  • Congratulations! Welcome to the Pack!

Once your dog has met our initial enrollment requirements, in order to keep attending our services, your dog must:

  • Be spayed or neutered if over the age of 6 months (this is Iowa State Law)
  • Remain up to date on vaccinations for Rabies, Parvovirus, and Distemper (or up to date on age appropriate puppy vaccinations)
  • Optional but highly recommended additional vaccines for Lyme Disease and Bordetella
  • New vaccinations and spay/neuter information must be uploaded to your dog’s profile, or sent to us by your vet
  • Remain free of parasites and on flea/tick preventative year-round
  • Healthy enough to participate in group play
  • Free of communicable diseases
  • Able to be handled by humans
  • Remains friendly to people or other dogs

Tell us if your dog/s have had any changes to their health or temperament since their last visit. Also asked if their dog is showing any symptoms of illness (cough, vomiting, diarrhea, injuries, etc)

  • After your dog passes the Temperament Interview process, then your dog is cleared to attend Slumber Parties!
  • Before Requesting Overnight Services: 

    • Review your Dog’s Online Profile: Make sure their feeding information, weight, your phone number, emergency contact, etc. are all still correct. This will ensure that things go smoothly in case there is any need to reference this information. 
    • Up to Date Vaccinations: Be sure that all veterinary requirements will be met for the entire duration of the reservation. For extended stays, contact us to arrange a time where we can transport your dog to their veterinarian to update their vaccinations. 
    • Prepaid: Be sure your account has enough prepaid package credits to cover the whole reservation. More credits can be purchased in our online store!
    •  Valid Emergency Contact: Be sure that your profile is updated with a person who we can call in the event of an emergency who could be able to pick up your dog. The emergency contact should be an adult who you trust with your dog, who has the means to travel to Puppy Love if there is an emergency. Their phone number should be one that they can be reached at any time of day or night, or add additional phone lines as backup options. Do not list your own house phone as an emergency contact if nobody will be home during the time of your reservation. Be sure that your emergency contact knows that they are your emergency contact for your reservation, and that we may call them if there is an issue during the stay.
  • What to Bring: 
    • Your Dog: Be sure they do not have any sensitive injuries, communicable diseases, or parasite symptoms (Example: hacking cough, fleas, worms, etc). If you are unsure about a symptom, research it on Google to see what it could be, and check with a vet to verify.

      Their collar and leash: Leash must be 4ft or shorter so you’ll be able to keep distance from other guests! Leashes can be kept at Puppy Love so whoever picks them up will have a leash ready for them. It helps to have your dog’s name on the leash so everyone knows it’s yours.

      Medication: Include medicine if your dog will need any during their stay. Meds must be in their original container with your dog’s name and dosage instructions listed.


      A Dog Coat: if it’s cold outside you can include a coat or two for your dog. It can help to have more than one, as snow can make them wet, and we’ll have a spare to use if we need to wash it. We also have dog coats and sweaters available here, and if your dog looks cold we can provide one for them. We recommend dog clothing that has velcro closures. Note that since dogs play with their mouths, it’s likely any dog coat worn to daycare may become damaged during play. Be sure to bring one that is okay to become damaged, just in case!

      Puppy Love provides the rest!

  • Arrival: Slumber Party guests must arrive in the posted morning hours so your dog is on the same play/sleep schedule as their Slumber Party friends. We want to make sure everyone is familiar with the environment and tired from a full day of exercise prior to bed time so they can have a peaceful night of sleep.
  • Departure: At the end of your dog’s stay, they are either welcome to stay the day in daycare and get picked up in the afternoon or late evening, which will use an additional day of daycare credit; or they may leave prior to the early checkout time without using an additional day of daycare credit. The early checkout time during weekdays is 8:00 am, or on weekends at 10:00 am

The price depends on which service package you choose. Purchasing a bulk discount package will make the cost of each credit less, to save you more money. 

  • Daycare uses 1 credit
  • Slumber Party overnight care uses 2 credits

When you combine the of total day credits with the total of night credits, that will be the total amount of credits you would need to cover a reservation. 

For example: 9:00am January 1st to January 3rd at 4:30pm would use 1 credit for each day. So, a total of 3 credits to cover January 1 ,2, and 3. Then add two overnight visits for the evenings of January 1st and 2nd. Each overnight uses two credits.  ( 2 nights x 2 credits = 4 total credits). So overnights would use a total of 4 credits. Adding the day and the night totals together, the total for the stay is 7 credits. (3 days + 4 nights = 7 credits)

Tip: if you check out before 10am on the last day of your reservation, then you will not be charged for daycare for the day. 

Your shopping cart or invoice will not reflect the discount yet, and may be a higher price than you’ll be paying if you have discount package credits that you can apply to it. Unless you plan to pay for credits at the individual full price, you can disregard the full price total you see listed, since your discount package grants you a lower rate. 

Services must be paid for in advance, which can be done by visiting our online store and purchasing a credit package that can cover the length of the stay. Unpaid reservation requests will be waitlisted until the account has enough credits to proceed.

Discount packages are good for up to one year from their first use. This makes them a flexible option, as they can be used whenever you need them. You can also buy them in bulk, as their expiration dates do not take effect until they are used for the first time. This means you can use them well into the future. 

Credits can be used to cover days or nights interchangeably

  • Use the designated doors marked ENTER and EXIT as indicated, so dogs of different sizes can keep distance from each other
  • All dog play areas are restricted to staff access only for safety purposes. 
  • Dogs must be on a leash that is 4ft or less in length. This is to prevent entanglements, tripping, and falling. 
  • Keep a safe distance from other guests and their dogs.  
  • Open doors with caution in case there are other customers with dogs in the lobby. 
  • Make sure doors are shut securely behind you.
  • Please do not allow children or children-at-heart to climb fences, excite the dog packs with sounds or actions, offer dogs food, reach into the dog groups, etc.
  • While driving into and out of Puppy Love, be extremely mindful of sidewalk pedestrians and cyclists, since there are young children who walk to school on the sidewalk. Make sure to follow posted signage, stop prior to the sidewalk, and always yield to any sidewalk traffic. Be mindful that there is a speed bump and speed limit posted. A traffic mirror is provided to help spot any fast-moving cyclists that are coming down the hill.

Boarding Reservation Cost Calculator

Enter the reservation details and press calculate. This calculator will help you estimate the cost of your reservation. The packages can be purchased after you log into your Puppy Love profile.

* The early checkout time is 10:00 am .
* All Drop-offs are before 10:00 am.

New clients will need to complete the enrollment process prior to making reservations through the website. (sign up online, create profile for dog/s, upload vaccination records, complete temperament interview)

If you are enrolled but experiencing issues, check to see if your dog’s vaccines will be expired during the dates you are requesting. If so, upload new ones and inform us so we can update them in the system. Text message us at 319-535-3861 to expedite the process, or if you’d prefer to send copies of vaccinations through phone instead of email. 


Make Reservation Requests online by logging into your profile

  • All services are prepaid: Go to the online store and purchase a package or combination of packages that would cover the amount of credits needed for your stay. If you are unsure how many credits are needed, please see the purple tab section on this web page labeled “PRICING” to calculate the total and learn about the pricing system. Reservations made with insufficient credits on the account will be waitlisted until they are paid in full. 
  •  Go to the scheduling section of your account and specify the dates you would like to reserve. 
  • Specify the time your dog will arrive and depart. It’s okay if you’re not exactly on time, as long as you arrive within the Pick Up and Drop Off times. Though, having an idea about when to expect you can help us plan activities, so be as accurate as your situation allows! 
  • If your request is last minute, text message us at 319-535-3861 to see if we can get you in. You may need to text a few times in case we don’t hear the original notification. 
  • Reservation Requests may be approved or denied based on availability. There is a maximum of 30 dogs allowed per day.
  • Make sure you read the email message reply to your reservation request. It will let you know whether your reservation is approved or if you have been put on the waitlist. We will call you if you are waitlisted and a spot opens up! 
  • If you do not see a reply message back about your reservation, your email provider may have filtered it out. Check your “Spam” or “Promotional” folder. 
  • You can cancel a reservation online through the software, but not make changes to reservations through the online system. Inform us of any changes to your reservation via text massage at 319-535-3861 or by email at puppylovedoggiedaycare@gmail.com
  • If you have to cancel, let us know as soon as possible so we can give the vacant spot to another dog.
  • If you do not attend the services that were reserved and you did not inform us of the cancelation prior to 10am, you may be charged for the spot if another dog could have taken the space instead. 

Reservation Policy

All visits to Puppy Love must be made by reservation, as unapproved visits may coincide with planned activities

You can change or cancel reservations online if you have a change of plans

Dogs who have not arrived by 10:00 am will have their reservations cancelled, as they will be considered a no-show

Your Dog! Be sure they do not have any sensitive injuries, communicable diseases, or parasite symptoms (Example: hacking cough, fleas, worms, etc). If you are unsure about a symptom, research it on Google to see what it could be, and check with a vet to verify. 

Their collar and leash (leash must be 4ft or shorter so you’ll be able to keep distance from other guests). Leashes can be kept at Puppy Love so whoever picks them up will have a leash ready for them. It helps to have your dog’s name on the leash so everyone knows it’s yours.

Medication if your dog takes any during the day. Meds must be in their original container with your dog’s name and dosage instructions listed

A meal for lunch if your dog normally eats lunch. Bring the food in a sealed container with their first and last name written on it. Remember, we can’t serve food unless it has a name, just to be sure each dog gets the correct food. This prevents allergic reactions or upset stomachs 

A Dog Coat if it’s cold outside and your dog needs one. However, we also have dog coats and sweaters available here, and if your dog looks cold we can provide one for them. We recommend dog clothing that has velcro closures. Note that since dogs play with their mouths, it’s likely any dog coat worn to daycare may become damaged during play. Be sure to bring one that is okay to become damaged, just in case!

Puppy Love provides the rest!

Because we like to make sure that all items in our environment are disinfected, and that none of your personal items get damaged or lost, we ask that you not bring bedding, toys, dishes, or other personal items (with the exception of special slow-feeder bowls and dog coats in the winter).  

  • Food and water dishes, drinking water
  • Durable toys to play with that are sanitizable and enamel-safe. 
  • Bedding and blankets!  
  • Spaces for potty breaks, and we’re equipped to clean and disinfect messes 24/7
  • During cold weather, if your dog does not arrive with a coat and they appear cold during their stay, Puppy Love will provide your dog with a coat.
  • Warm floors! Our facility is equipped with a radiant floor heating system throughout, along with indoor heating.
  • During hot weather, Puppy Love provides doggie pools, canopy shade, and a cold water misting system to keep dogs cool. There are trees and bushes for additional shade, and the real grass yards feel cool to your dog’s paws. Cool drinking water is available at all times. Air conditioned indoor areas are also accessible to cool off. 
  • Dog Food: Dog food can be dropped off in the lobby when you arrive with your dog. During meal times, dogs are fed individually, apart from the dog group in order to make sure everyone eats the correct food and portions, and to prevent food possessiveness. Exceptions may be made only for dogs who are from the same household if you inform staff that they should eat together. 

    • Bring their food in a sealed container (no glass, please!) that is spill-proof and bug-proof.
    • Write your dog’s first and last name on the container. Remember, we can’t serve food unless it has a name, just to be sure each dog gets the correct food. This prevents allergic reactions or upset stomachs. 
    • For shorter stays, food can be portioned for each meal with the day/time listed on it (Example: Saturday AM, Saturday Lunch, Saturday PM, etc.). Individually portioned containers may be placed in a bag with your dog’s first and last name for easy transport, though be sure your dog’s first name is on each portion. 
    • For longer stays you can bring the food in a sealable large container and include either a portion scoop or list how much your dog eats for each portion. (Example: 1 cup AM, 1 cup PM) You can bring additional bags of unopened food for even longer stays. 
    • Include written feeding instructions with their food, either on the food itself or on paper attached to their food container. 
    • On the feeding instructions, let us know what our options are in the event that we need to entice your dog to eat if they do not have an appetite. Some dogs refuse to eat while boarding, or eat less than usual. For that reason, let us know if it’s okay to try to add any additional ingredients like peanut butter (xylitol free), coconut oil, wet food, pumpkin puree, or other ingredients to make their food more appealing. 
    Treats: Like food, treats are only given to dogs individually, apart from the dog group. Treats are a great way to entice dogs to eat, and can provide some additional calories that can replenish your dog. Dogs may burn more calories than usual while playing in daycare daily, so having treats is a great idea. 
    • Chew Treats may be provided, however we do not allow rawhide chews, as they are not digestible and can cause intestinal blockages which require emergency veterinary surgery. Due to time limitations, it is best to provide chews that can be consumed in a fairly short amount of time, such as Greenies or other dental chews. For the safety of our staff, we cannot give dogs real bones or other “high-value” items that take a long time to consume, as trying to remove a high value chew treat from some dogs can be hazardous to staff.

Canned Food: If your dog eats canned food, bring a reusable lid with your dog’s name on it to keep the food fresh. Canned food will be kept refrigerated for freshness.

Refrigeration: Let staff know if your dog’s food requires refrigeration.   

Special Instructions: If there are special instructions to make or serve the food, write a note attached to the food container. Write on the food container if a medication is to be given around mealtime, or if the dog needs to eat from a slow-feeder dish.

Bring Extra Food for Boarding Stays: Please bring 1 or 2 extra days worth of food. Extra food can be served in the event that you cannot return on time due to unexpected travel delays or severe weather. Also, note the brand and variety of food that your dog eats on your dog’s online profile so we can be better prepared for longer delays.

Leftovers: At the end of your dog’s stay, any food that was uneaten and not contaminated by saliva will be returned to its container and can be taken home. Food containers will be placed in the dog meal cart in the lobby, so be sure to bring them home with you. 

Abandoned Food or Items: Dog food or containers left at Puppy Love longer than 2 days after departure date may be discarded due to space limitations.  We can not store food for daycare dogs unless they attend more than 3 days each week. 

About Us

About US

Established on December 11th, 2015, Puppy Love is a family owned and operated business that is run full-time by husband and wife team Adam & Tina. They live on-site and also host a large pack of resident dogs, who also live and “work” at Puppy Love. The business is fully licensed and insured, with yearly randomized inspections done by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. 

Puppy Love’s founder, Tina, was born in Finland and later moved to Iowa and grew up on a horse and cattle ranch. She has been in the pet care field since 2001 working professionally with dogs and other pets as a pet sitter, dog walker, dog handler, and as a veterinary hospital assistant in Torrance, California. She has also been promoted to senior dog handler position at a previous dog daycare and boarding facility. She has completed educational courses including graduating from Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I at Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2016, and has taken pet care business courses at Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids in 2013. 

Adam is from the Iowa City area, and grew up with pets his whole life. He has a background in arts and animation, with a degree from the The Art Institutes International Minnesota. Both Adam & Tina are Pet First Aid & CPR certified by Pet Health Academy and have a long history of caring for their families’ pets. Adam introduced Tina to the dog daycare concept after learning about it, and she soon was hired in the industry.

The idea for Puppy Love was sparked from Tina’s work experience, where she noticed the traditional kennel model could be significantly improved. After continuously thinking “if I had my own dog daycare and boarding facility, I would do this differently…”, finally things clicked into place, and the idea for Puppy Love was born! Adam & Tina teamed up to create the logo, designed the business plan, and their families worked together to turn Tina’s family’s hobby ranch into a doggie paradise. Adam & Tina were married on September 17th, 2015 just prior to Puppy Loves’ grand opening in December. 

Hug-a-Pug, Puppy Love's mascot


Hug-a-Pug was Tina’s first personal dog, apart from family owned dogs. She was adopted by Tina in January 2006 when she was 10 months old. Hugga acquired mild YouTube fame by starring in “Puppy Love’s Guide to Pugs”, and she is Puppy Love’s official mascot. Her face is seen on the Puppy Love logo, the mail box, and she has an animated likeness that hosts educational videos. After a long and happy life, she passed away from old age in October of 2019. Puppy Love keeps her memory alive, and celebrates her legacy by continuing to keep our services fun and dog-centric! 



2391 Mehaffey Bridge Road NE
North Liberty, Iowa


Monday through Friday (Open All Holidays)
7:00 am to 10:00 am & 3:00 pm to 6:25pm 
Saturday & Sunday 
9:00 am to 10:00 am & 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm



(319) 535-3861

1-319-343-1104 FAX

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~Adam & Tina

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